Little Miss M

I was lucky enough to be able to take some pictures of this cute little one again.
She is such a beautiful little girl.
Happy Birthday Little Miss M!


Harmony said...

Tami, these are SO wonderful! I can't wait to get them from you! Thanks again for doing them for FREE. You rock. And, for the record, I think you're good enough to charge people... but of course that's up to you :)

I love my Little Miss M! And I love to see how incredibly different she looks now than she did in the February pictures.

Rae Lynne said...

She is SO beautiful and adorable! Great photos! I'd love for you to do my family sometime!

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

Would you like to do some pics of Scarlet? I would totally love to have you do some. Call me (or e-mail, which ever is easier)!