Baby D photo shoot

I had  such a fun time taking these pictures
of my sweet little nephew!

I made this little hat for him...it was too big. Oh well :)
xoxox love you baby D


Harmony said...

You seriously take REALLY beautiful pictures, Tami.

Rae Lynne said...

I completely ADORE these photos!!! Your hat turned out cute, by the way :), and he'll grow into it for sure. I especially liked the photos with the black background. I think it's the contrast. I think my top 2 faves were the one of him in the polka dots up on his arms and also the one of him in momma's hands with his hand in his mouth. They are all so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Connie Robinson said...

Oh so cute. Good job Tausha on such a cute little guy and great job Tami on the beautiful pictures!