This little family was so much fun to photograph!
The girls were so photogenic!

Thanks for letting me practice with your family.


First Family Shoot

I did my first family shoot the other day. I wouldn't say I did a super job but I did learn some things from doing it, so the practise was a good thing. That is why I don't charge anything I guess.
Anyhow, these are the neighbors that get to share a wall with us (the joys of a twin home). They are the greatest neighbors you could ask for!
Thanks guys for letting me shoot ya ;)


Baby S

This little angel is the sweetest thing!!
(Although I don't think she cares much for
getting her picture taken ;)
Her mama sure worked hard to get her here.
She is someone that I look up to and
admire for her strength and courage!


Little cutties

I had a great time taking pictures of these darling siblings!!

Yes... that is my kid....I just thought this pictures was so cute! 
And the lighting in the back was to die for!

This little cuttie kept me laughing with all her funny faces!
Click on this to make it bigger!

Ok...so it doesn't get much bigger when you click on it.
But boy is she cute!


Little Miss M

I was lucky enough to be able to take some pictures of this cute little one again.
She is such a beautiful little girl.
Happy Birthday Little Miss M!


Baby D photo shoot

I had  such a fun time taking these pictures
of my sweet little nephew!

I made this little hat for him...it was too big. Oh well :)
xoxox love you baby D